Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Vatos del gallo.

I suck at titles so I just used a line out of a beck song. Thought it was funny. I had a job interview yesterday but I don't think it went well. It's cool though. At least it's good practice. Other than that, I got up today in a very sketchy mood. I've been trying to draw with pencil lately since I almost always use a pen or ink. I was inspired by one of my doodles. It's in my last entry. I think it came out pretty cool. I'm really happy with it. I took some time to really see if I could get it right. I'm sure that it's not but I still love it. Let me in on what you think. Always glad to get some constructive criticism. ^-^
Sorry about the bad pic. I actually own a pair of socks like those. The bottom drawing was done earlier this year and just found it. Really like this one too.

This last pic is of my daughter with Fred the puppet. I love the look in her face. She looks annoyed. I'll see if she wants to make a movie again. I'll keep you posted.


  1. that second one reminds me of underground comix like Crumb and Harvey Pekar. you know those autobio comix where everyone's all morose and quirky. good stuff.

  2. finish that top needs to be a painting..should have it finished by tomorrow right?