Friday, July 24, 2009


Yesterday my family and I went over to the Japanese American Museum in Little Tokyo. Currently there is an amazing Kokeshi exhibit. It was beautiful and inspiring and every kokeshi doll was full of imagination. We stopped by the gift shop and they had some small kokeshi dolls for sale so we bought some for the family to design for themselves. My daughter woke up this morning ready to paint hers, that is after a game of Lego Star Wars (she loves that game). Here are some pics I shot of her kokeshi doll which reminds me of the Joker. Hmmm... I wonder if she's trying to hint that I should get her the Lego Batman Game. If you're near Downtown L.A. definitely head on over to the museum and check out this wonderful exhibit. You won't be disappointed. Kokeshi!

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  1. i gotta get better at doing stuff like this with my family. i'm such an introverted artist sometimes. chained to my drawing desk and laptop...

    that seems like a lot of fun!