Saturday, July 31, 2010

Illustration Friday: Double + Process

Hi guys! So off and on I participate in a weekly illustration challenge called Illustration Friday and I kinda wanted to share my process from start to finish. Hope you enjoy let me know what you think.

So first I start to doodle and sketch, I do several rough sketches to work out some ideas. I then pick the pose or sketch that I like best and flesh it out. For last weeks challenge I have posted my sketches and finished illustration below. I really liked the way the pose in the second page looks so I went with that.

I take a piece of tracing paper and trace the original sketch and clean it up. When the penciling is done I'll start to ink it. I usually use a pen nib but for this one I used a round #1 Princeton Art brush.
After that's done I scan my work and add color to the image with photoshop. My digital coloring skills need some improvement but I enjoy experimenting and am hoping that with practice I will improve.

And for those who are curious as to who this guy is I present to you Kikaida!!!