Thursday, June 3, 2010

Comic collab with my kid.

I thought I'd share some stuff out of my sketchbook while I finish up on my next strip. My daughter and I read every morning on our way to her school and I had an idea to try and put a short strip together. She can make up a story and I'll draw. The "Bunny Funny" strip was something I came up with so she can see what the end result would look like. "A Guy Doing Something" is her first story. I thought "A Guy Doing Something" was really neat because there's only one panel with dialogue.

A Guy Doing Something
story by Frankie

and here is an owl wearing sneakers.


  1. NICE!
    I secretly dream about the day when my daughter is old enough to collab on a comic with me!

  2. that is awesome. i need to start creating more with my kids. thx for the inspiration. and that bunny comic is hilarious! i agree-fart jokes never get old!