Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Pics and Crap!"

Here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure. The first two are of another trip we took to the comic book store. The girls were not to happy about me being a paparazzi. ^-^

After the comic book store we went over to 'Crane Sushi' in Alhambra. My daughter is actually getting better at eating with chopsticks. Ganbatte! ガンバッテ !

This is a pic of the street I live on. The mountains and clouds looked bad ass that morning.

I bought my wife's Valentine gift ahead of time and so she thought I did not get her gift. So the night before V-day I wrapped her present in oragami paper and made it into this sumo wrestling version of herself. She didn't know that her V-day gift was inside. I was really glad to be able to surprise her. I got her a Sonic Screwdriver from the 'Doctor Who' Series. We all got a chance to try it out. ^-^

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  1. as a lifelong only man in the house, i don't advise getting into to many situations where you have to say "the girls were not happy"